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Functional Diagnostic Nutrition (FDN)

The FDN Certification Course is an online course that gets incredibly clinical about finding the root cause of health issues using top quality lab work. Training focuses intently on the many facets of digestive health. This includes identifying leaky gut or dysbiosis and pathogens (bad bacteria/parasites/yeast/mold), while also training you to identify liver and kidney issues, and all manner of hormonal imbalances including sex and stress hormones.

FDN can help you understand how to use and customize supplement protocols while teaching you which labs to run to help clients heal from the root cause. There is significant support on how to interpret lab results and client cases, assisting you to create the correct protocols to build health from the ground up for each client.

FDN provides you with a step-by-step method to engage your clients in the healing process so that the clients get the results they want. By gaining a complete understanding, you will be able to treat the client’s root cause versus just treating from symptoms.

This is an excellent program for the science-minded individual who wants to end the cycle of trial and error and get to the root cause of health issues. It is also for those who want to get lab and supplement accounts for your practice along with the training on how to use them appropriately!


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