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How to Plan Your Breakfasts Every Week

A healthy breakfast sets the tone for your day. It gives you energy, balances your blood sugar, and helps minimize the risk of a mid-morning trip to Starbucks.

I have a very specific way of planning my morning meals that not only gives me a wide variety of nutrients each week but also requires a minimum amount of energy and decision making to start my day.

Monday, Tuesday Wednesday: Overnight Oats

The reason I eat overnight oats for breakfast from Monday to Wednesday is that they’re easy to prep on Sunday and not have to think about it for three whole days.

Overnight oats are perfect for the days I’m running around and know I’ll need a bite to eat along the way. I love this meal because it provides complex carbs for fuel and plenty of fiber for satiety. Exactly what you need when you’re running around!

Since most overnight oat recipes use oats, chia seeds, and some kind of fresh fruit, they provide around 8 to 12 grams of fiber per serving.

Thursday & Friday: Smoothies

Once my overnight oats run out, I switch to smoothies for breakfast. Having smoothies later in the week is perfect as most of the ingredients for smoothies are frozen, so there’s no need to worry about them staying fresh if you grocery shop on the weekend. Smoothies are also incredibly quick to make in the morning.

Nutritionally, I love smoothies because they make it easy to sneak a ton of veggies in! My favorites are frozen cauliflower and leafy greens. I always add protein powder and fiber to balance blood sugar and keep myself feeling full.

If I’m being extra organized, I’ll pre-make smoothie packs by adding all the ingredients except the liquid into ziploc bags and storing them in the freezer. When breakfast rolls around, you can just dump the smoothie bag into the blender and add the liquid.

Saturday & Sunday: Eggs

On the weekend I tend to have a little more time for cooking, and I like to get more creative in the kitchen. I almost always eat my eggs whole, since the yolks contain healthy fats and vital nutrients like choline, which are important for brain health.

Download some of my favorite breakfast recipes for the week here!

I hope you enjoy some of my recipes and are ready to plan your breakfasts for the week!


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